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Yo Gotti — LeBron James (Masajada Remix)

This remix is just dripping another type of way with Yo Gotti’s vocals. It’s a simple beat, but it’s fancy. Also, it has moans. Who doesn’t enjoy females moaning on top of bragging rap beats?

G-Unit — I Like The Way She Do It (Masajada Remix)

This song had a rough time getting exposure because of all the blocked lyrics. The original version had very cold and electric sounds, but I’ve always preferred 50 Cent & G-Unit on sample-based beats. I did this remix with a state of mind of a roller coaster experience.

J-Kwon — Tipsy (Masajada ’09 Edit)

Who can forget the viral hit song by J-Kwon from 2004; ‘Tipsy’? I made this remix back in 2009, put it on SoundCloud and of course had it removed because someone reported it. So here it is again! My first track on Audius 🤩

Based Clinton NFT

The first Based NFT instrumental, featuring pixel art animation.A rare 1 out of 1 collectible. It’s also my first minted NFT. Originally recorded by Lil B for his track called “I’m Bill Clinton” on the ‘Red Flame’ mixtape. Unlocked content includes a link (via Pinata) to the original instrumental MP3 file sent to Lil B […]